When it comes to flooring preferences, there are two types of people: those who prefer hardwood floors and those who like carpeted floors better. But then, there’s a smaller group of homeowners who aren’t satisfied with this black-and-white approach; they just want something different. Some of them may not even know what they’re looking for until they see parquet floors for the first time. Better yet, until they get a chance to walk on the authentic oak parquet with their bare feet… Almost everyone who does it falls in love with simplicity, elegance, and just that indescribable homey feeling  that only authentic oak parquet can create.

Ado Exclusive Flooring is a family-owned company passionate about high-quality home improvement products. Just like for our own family, we want only the best for our loyal clients. We’re thrilled to be able to bring centuries-old European woodworking traditions to the U.S. Currently, we offer authentic oak flooring (parquet) collections for homeowners who want to bring a little bit of Europe in their homes.

The quality of our oak flooring products is unsurpassed and our pricing is competitive. Please Visit our Products page for ordering information.